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wine on a safari

wine on a safari

***this was written before the horrible fires in California November 2018****

My high school best friends and I decided to take a quick weekend trip to California and we added Malibu Wine Safari on our agenda. We went on a Friday to the 1:00pm session - we had breakfast at Malibu Farm cafe beforehand and took an Uber up to the winery. It was a decent drive but it was so pretty to drive up the coast.

Checking into the safari was super easy and doesn’t take a lot of time, but you should get there a little early. Everyone jumps into a typical safari car, since there were 3 of us we had no problem getting seats together. You have a driver and a tour guide who will explain when you’re passing and what you’ll actually be doing on the tour. Our guide told us some super interesting stuff about the land and the family who owns it. If you want to hear the gossip you should for sure get a front seat!

You will stop at little areas like this ^^ to see different animals and feed them!! Everyone gets off the truck and gets some veggies from the guide to feed alpacas, cows, horses and probably more but we didn’t stop there.

Now it’s time for the wine…

On our first wine stop we were given the opportunity to try one red and one white. It really depends on how many people you have in your group but you can totally end up drinking full glasses of each. They originally pour about a sip or two for you and then will give you more once everyone has had some. The wine is actually really good!!

Then we headed to a larger area and actually hung out there for around 20 minutes, with more wine of course…

Tips & Tricks

  • I’d eat before you go - we were given cheese/dips with crackers at the last stop

  • We didn’t do the “Stanley package” and we still drove past Stanley

  • Going with a large group would be fun!

  • Go to the garden/tasting room afterwards - you will need to take the truck over there but it’s worth it! You can buy bottles of wine and they have food trucks

  • You need cash to tip your drivers and guide

  • The wine is actually good!!

  • A super fun activity to do but it will take up the majority of your day

Have you guys been?!

Malibu, California

Malibu, California

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